Hand Flute

What you’ll need: Your hands.

How to play the Hand Flute:

  • Make a “C” with both you hands and put the finger tips of your right hand into the curved line of your thumb and first finger of your left hand and close the heels of both hands together to make a large chamber with a hole by your thumbs.
  • Put your mouth on the hole and blow. See if the chamber is air tight.  If not wiggle your fingers around a bit until you get a large, air tight chamber.
  • Put your thumbs next to each other and bend them slightly forming a slot between your them. This slot should be the only hole in the flute.  Blow on the slot to be sure the chamber is air tight.
  •  If your chamber is large and air tight you are ready to try and make a sound.  Put your lower lip on your thumb knuckles.  This forms a small upside down “V”. This is the whistle hole that makes the sound.  The sound comes out of the slot below your lower lip.  The sound out hole must be open to let the sound out.  If your chin is touching it the sound can’t get out. Raising your elbows up slightly helps keep the sound out hole open.
  •  Try to make a sound through the whistle hole.  Blow fairly hard.  Move your thumbs around very slightly to change the shape of the whistle hole.  Keep your chamber air tight.

Some people get this in five minutes some people take five weeks.  Keep working on it and the hand flute will be yours forever.