Bic Pen Trick

What you’ll need:  Pointy Top Bic Pen

This is a magic trick and like most magic tricks it is good to practice in front of a mirror so you can see what your audience sees.  The trick is described as a magic pen that pulls it’s top onto itself through an invisible force.

How to do the Bic Pen Trick:

  • Wet your thumb and first fingers before you do the trick.
  • Rub the stem of the cap on the side of the pen and tell people this is how you create the invisible force.
  • Put the cap on loosely and when you pull it off, pretend that it is really hard because of the force.
  • Pull it off about an inch then squeeze your fingers together and pinch the tip of the cap until it shoots back onto the pen.  Because your fingers are wet and the cap is pointy it should shoot like a watermellon seed back onto the pen.

Practice and be excited when the pen pulls it’s own cap back on by itself.