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Happy Birthday DaddyTricks!

Happy Birthday DaddyTricks!

Thank you to all the Daddy Tricks supporters out there! With your help, I have been able to print The Book of Classic Tricks and I am ready to start selling and donating.

Special Thanks to all My Kickstarter Supporters:

Tom Clowes, Michael A. Novara, Mark Smith, Paige Bierma, Terry Elvers, Larry Chester,Jeanne O’Connell, Darren Gemoets Kevin Hurbanis, James Van Nortwick, Brian, Bob Renzas, Lee-Ann Meredith, Steve Oatley, Gerry Van Nortwick, Steve Lord, Timmy Caldwell, Emily Haite, Michael O’Connor, Sally Fletcher, Chris Hill, Kamelya Alexan, Ryan Oliver, David Soderna, Siu Hardin, Jill Siegel, Ravi Kodavarti, Pat Cleveland, Allen Hailey, Mollie Hill, Peggy Bierma, Jeanne Harvey, Stan Glapa, Steve Nordmark, Agnotti Benedict Cowie, Paul Shadle, Lon Bierma, Mary Grace VanNortwick, Pamela Woodward, Carol Therese Valentino-Barry, Peg Liston, Kathy Port-Gac, Virginia L. Hayes, Lew Harding, Patrice VanNortwick, Aaron Greven, Chris Heimsoth, Geno Moliterno



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