The 1000 Kits Campaign


The 1,000 Kits Campaign is a way for and you to give back to the community.  The joy of learning, teaching and performing these tricks is something that needs to be passed around. I would like to give the gift of joy to children who are in the hospital and can’t be at home.  The picture of children in hospitals learning these tricks with their families, experiencing the “aha” in their eyes and the smile on their faces warms my heart.

Starting in December of 2013 wants to give away 1,000 Kits to children’s hospitals around the country. is starting soon with the Chicago Children’s Hospital by donating 50 kits.

I hope you’ve gotten a chance to try out some, if not all of the tricks. I personally have such a blast sharing them, that I truly hope you’ve enjoyed them too. Thanks for stopping by.

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